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Manno was born in a Damascus Zoo, torn from his mother at a young age. His early life was spent sat in a cage in northern Iraq, close to territory occupied by Islamic State. The only time   he was allowed out was to be used as a photo prop for tourists. An international effort involving multiple governments and NGOs finally brought him to Kenya, where for the first time in his memory, Manno met other chimpanzees and felt grass underneath his feet. Manno is now learning how to be a chimpanzee all over again, growing in confidence and strength. He wins the hearts of all who meet him.

His favourite activities are piggyback rides from the females and climbing the wooden platform in his enclosure. Manno’s personality has also caught the attention of retired alpha male Niyonkuru; who is often seen carrying him on his back - showing that Manno’s boyish charm endears him to all.


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