Our sustainable range of clothing and accessories. Available online only, explore the carefully curated lines of unique Ol Pejeta branded items that champion our mission.

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We have teamed up with Mia Kora and their special collections of scarfs, shawls, safari accessories and bandanas. Inspired by wildlife and conservation, these items are centred around the concept of wearable art. Between 40% and 100% of profits of certain pieces within the charitable collection are donated to Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Mia Kora


At Ocean Sole, discarded flip flops are turned into artwork and functional products, raising environmental and conservation awareness using visual means. Hand-carved, these pieces create economic opportunities for communities in Kenya, whilst helping keep oceans clean. 50% of the profits of items sold from the rhino sculpture collection are donated to Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Ocean Sole


Explore Render Loyalty's series of powerful and exquisite rhino images. Photographed on Ol Pejeta, this captivating collection features northern white Rhinos Najin and Fatu, and southern white Tauwa. Render Loyalty is generously donating 20% of purchases to Ol Pejeta.

Render Loyalty


Purchase a handcrafted rhino screen-print from Under the Skin, designed to raise awareness whilst also celebrating the biodiversity of endangered species. Under UV light the phosphorescent rhino skeleton is exposed, shining a light on all that remains when a species falls into the darkness of extinction. 20% of proceeds go towards Ol Pejeta.

Under the Skin


Co-founded by Ol Pejeta's Global Ambassador Ami Vitale, Vital Impact uses art storytelling to support people and organizations protecting our planet. In 2023, Vital Impacts launched Remembering Sudan to commemorate the last male northern white rhino, who passed away in 2018 on Ol Pejeta. Explore a limited-edition and multi-award-winning documentary, exclusive prints, and more. 100% of sales support Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Vital Impacts


Your business can have a powerful and positive impact, whatever its size. Please support Ol Pejeta through your sales in a simple, sustainable and legal way, via our Work for Good page

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