US$5 could buy a pair of socks for a wildlife ranger

Rangers cover many kilometers every day while they are on patrol, wearing heavy army-issue boots and uniforms. Contributing just US$5 could buy them a pair of socks, or a cap to keep off the harsh midday glare - small items that make a big difference.

$10 can buy chimpanzees their favourite food – Bananas

Our chimpanzees absolutely love their bananas, so this donation would make them very happy. It costs us more than US$ 4,000 a year to look after a chimpanzee, and we strive to provide them with everything they need to be busy and content.

US$ 15 Could buy medicine for a community member in a marginalised area

Many of the people living among our communities do not have access to health experts or medicine. Our mobile clinics provide hundreds of families with medical care they wouldn’t otherwise receive. Donate US$15 and help to fund treatments for a number of basic illnesses such as respiratory issues and eye infections.

US$ 20 Could buy a school child’s lunch for a month

Many children living in rural communities have to study on an empty stomach. Not only do they have a long walk to school and back, but their families are unable to provide more than one meal a day - if that. US$ 20 could buy their lunch for the whole month, improving their health, concentration and academic ability.

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US$ 25 Could buy five tree seedlings, and have them planted

Environmental awareness and rehabilitation is a key focus for Ol Pejeta. To alleviate the effects of climate change and habitat loss, we believe it is essential to plant as many trees as possible. Your donation could help reforest an essential ecosystem in Laikipia.

US$ 50 Could buy a term’s worth of equipment for a school child

We are proud to support a number of children through school in the form of bursaries and sponsorships. However, these children still need back-to-school essentials like pens, paper, books and more. Donate US$ 50 and set a child up with everything they need for the whole term.

US$ 100 Could provide fuel for the rapid response vehicle

Our Rapid Response Vehicle is an essential part of Ol Pejeta’s conservation model. It redirects trespassing elephants and other wildlife from neighbouring farms, helps manage human wildlife conflict, investigates poaching alarms and responds to various incidents in order to support our conservation efforts. Fuel it up and potentially save a farmer’s entire crop.

US$ 200 Could buy two solar panels

We have recently begun the process of converting all our water pumps to solar power, saving thousands of dollars and vast amounts of carbon from going into the atmosphere. We want to be 100% solar powered by 2021 - your donation will take us one step closer to that goal.

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We’re working on a number of different projects that need funding. Whether it’s helping disadvantaged children with school fees, rescuing chimpanzees from captivity or maintaining a safe space for our blind black rhino, we are always on the look-out for ways we can benefit people, animals and the environment. Help us spread our reach.



As a not-for-profit organisation, every task and every single cent of money we bring in is spent on the same goals: to provide a sanctuary for endangered species and chimpanzees while benefiting local communities. Our award winning approaches have made us a role model for conservation, shaping land use practices that can be replicated across a much wider landscape. Your donation will help safeguard our wildlife as well as support communities around us.