Naming a rhino is a momentous occasion that creates a personal and tangible connection between a person and wildlife. You will have the chance to choose your own rhino’s name, which becomes a main component of that rhino’s identity and story. When a rhino is named on Ol Pejeta it is formally entered into the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) rhino database. This is Kenya’s official national database, meaning the chosen name will be formally certified, can never change, and will be recorded in history forever. As they grow up and mature, your legacy continues on.

You can name a rhino on Ol Pejeta for an initial donation of $5,000 or more. This support is invested directly into our rhino conservation and protection efforts, including ranger salaries, veterinary services, and care of the K9 unit. It costs us over $11,000 a year to protect each of the rhinos within the Conservancy. Your gift will not only help us cover these costs, but also ensure we implement the latest science, technology, and security practices to protect rhinos, and enable us to share what we’ve learned with other conservancies across the world. In this way, your support goes far beyond Kenyan borders, promoting sustainable rhino conservation practices to secure a future for this mighty and iconic species.

Once named, our team will curate a personal journey for you to follow your chosen rhino and witness first-hand the positive impact of your investment. Please note we ask for an annual contribution of a minimum of $1,000 towards the ongoing care and protection of your name rhino.

You will:

  • Choose a rhino and it's permanent name

  • Receive a welcome brochure with your rhino's life story and a rhino naming certificate

  • Provide your rhino with the protection and support needed to survive in the wild

  • Pledge to a long-term commitment to support your rhino

  • Receive regular update and photos of your rhino, including birthday cards

  • Be able to visit your rhino, guided each time by one of our dedicated rangers

  • Created by LAFSfrom the Noun Project

    Become part of a historic movement to conserve black and white rhinos in Kenya

Submit your contact information through the form and the team will be in touch with further details. In the meantime, get brainstorming what name you'll choose!

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