Since March, Kenya has faced relentless heavy rains. These unprecedented downpours, possibly linked to climate events like El NiƱo, have caused devastating floods nationwide.

Unfortunately, the recent rains have severely impacted Ol Pejeta. While our teams ensured staff, wildlife, and visitor safety, the downpour caused significant damage and disrupted operations.

Record rainfall in April 2024 far exceeded our usual yearly amount. Fences, especially at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, were breached, threatening animal safety. Muddy grounds and safety concerns sharply reduced tourist numbers, impacting a crucial income source. Tragically, floods swept away animals like giraffes, buffaloes, and gazelles.

In response to the floods, our priorities are:

  • Repair the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Fence: This safeguards chimpanzees and allows visitor operations to resume.
  • Restore Roads: Accessible roads are vital for movement throughout the Conservancy, ensuring essential supplies and emergency veterinary care reach animals in need.
  • Support Wildlife Monitoring: Close watch on endangered species, particularly rhinos, is critical during this challenging time.

By contributing to this campaign, you can directly support these essential efforts and help us overcome this crisis.


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