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Ol Pejeta’s eight working dogs are on the frontline in the war on poaching. Aged five, Drum the Springer Spaniel, is one of the only dogs in the whole of Kenya capable of detecting weapons, ammunition, and ivory. He was bred in the UK and brought to Ol Pejeta to help in the fight against poachers and the illegal wildlife trade. The remaining seven dogs consist of seven bloodhounds: Diego, Jo, Malaika, Otis, Sarah, Stacey, and Sugar. Unrivalled in their tracking abilities these dogs have been trained to detect potential threats, track, and apprehend poaching suspects in and around the Conservancy.

Our canines and their 12 handlers play an integral role in Ol Pejeta’s rhino conservation programme, and support local police by responding to and helping solve crimes reported in the communities surrounding the Conservancy. These dogs are incredible. From just a single footstep the dogs can track the scent of a poacher for up to 12-13 hours covering 20-30kms in various environments, including thick bushlands, grasslands, and wetlands.

It costs us USD $4,000 a year to look after the K9 Unit, to ensure they are well fed, highly trained, and well cared for.

AGE:2 to 10 years


By symbolically adopting the K9 unit for one year, you are helping us provide a high-quality life for these eight incredible working dogs, so they are on their best form to protect wildlife and support our anti-poaching efforts.

You can visit the K9 Unit at Morani’s on Ol Pejeta Conservancy.


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