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Ol Pejeta’s wildlife rangers are the heroes on the frontline of conservation. Their main purpose is to deter poachers and ensure a safe and secure conservancy for all wildlife. With the last 2 northern white rhinos in the world, and the largest population of eastern black rhino in Africa, our team must always be on high alert.

Comprising of 171 rangers the department is divided into two specialized wildlife protection units: The Security Unit and the Rhino Patrol Unit.

Within the Security Unit sit Ol Pejeta’s armed team, known as National Police Reservists (NPRS). NPRs are certified to use and carry weapons and ammunition. Their primary mission is to safeguard our wildlife, however, their commitment to the protection of wildlife extends beyond our borders. This unit frequently assist local communities and law enforcement agencies in addressing issues such as livestock theft and human-wildlife conflicts, showcasing their multi-faceted role in fostering harmony between wildlife and people.

The Rhino Patrol Unit (RPU) are our eyes and ears on the ground. Operating in teams of three, they specialize in 24-hour wildlife monitoring, covering vast areas and patrolling up to 20km a day on foot. Our RPU plays a critical role in Ol Pejeta’s functioning, often being the first to detect security threats, fence breakages, or wildlife in distress. Their dedication ensures that each rhino is sighted at least once every three days, with detailed information on their health, location, and status reported back to central command.

Over the past decade, Ol Pejeta has trained over 200 rangers, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to protect our wildlife and the surrounding communities. Under their watch, our conservancy is a safe space for survival.

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By sponsoring a ranger, you are directly contributing to the success of our dedicated antipoaching squad’s efforts. Your sponsorship goes towards the training, welfare and supplying of equipment to Ol Pejeta’s rangers. From their refresher training courses on first aid, tracking and ammunition handling, to new boots or better uniforms, these measures enable us to stay ahead of the game. By sponsoring today, you are actively helping keep rhinos protected and wildlife safe


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