Ken feeding Baraka
Baraka the blind Rhino
Baraka the blind Rhino

Baraka was one of the first ever rhinos to be born on the plains of Ol Pejeta to his mother Carol. He was thriving and had carved our territory in the Western Sector of Ol Pejeta, which he defended with all his might. Unfortunately, in 2008 it was during one of these defensive missions with another male rhino that Baraka lost his right eye. Already at a disadvantage in a challenging environment, Baraka then went on to lose his left eye to cataracts, leaving him completely blind and unable to survive in the wild. The IUCN Red List of Endangered Species classifies black rhinos as Critically Endangered meaning the protection of every individual is critical to their species survival. So, Ol Pejeta’s caregivers settled Baraka into our 100-acre Endangered Species Enclosure, where he could receive 24/7 security, protection and care.

Baraka is an incredible ambassador for his species, enjoys meeting visitors and is instrumental in inspiring a connection and passion for conservation between humans and wildlife.

AGE: 29 years
DOB: 20th of November 1994


By symbolically adopting Baraka for Ksh6,000 for a year, you will help us to give him the life, and all the carrots, that he deserves.

You can visit Baraka at his special enclosure at Morani’s on Ol Pejeta Conservancy.


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