Name a Rhino

Now that’s a present! Name a rhino for a loved one, and give them a gift like no other. Or, name one for yourself! You can picture your rhino ever after, roaming freely, and safely, beneath the snowy peaks of Mt Kenya within Ol Pejeta’s sunny spaces.

This chance doesn’t come around very often, and you can almost guarantee none of your friends will have done it: Ol Pejeta is offering you the chance to name a rhino! This a fantastic way of honouring a loved one, getting some great advertising, or just allocating that name that your family wouldn’t let you have for the dog.

Your naming donation goes towards our rhino conservation and protection efforts, which cost us almost USD 10,000 per year. Your support will not only ensure we can use the latest science, technology and security practices to protect Ol Pejeta rhinos, but also that we can effectively share what we’ve learned with other rhino conservation organisations across the world. In this way, your support goes far beyond Kenyan borders, promoting sustainable rhino conservation practices to secure a future for this mighty and iconic species.

If you would like to name a rhino, please write an email to


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