Donate to Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary

General donations to Sweetwaters may be used to fund awareness and education campaigns as well as recuse missions for chimpanzees still captivity. That means that making a donation could one day result in the safe release of an innocent creature living in danger.

Sweetwaters is a chartered member of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), an alliance of 18 sanctuaries in 12 African countries; currently caring for over 800 orphaned and/or confiscated chimpanzees. PASA’s role is to help conserve chimpanzees and other primates and their habitats through public education and lobbying for political goodwill.

Donating to Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary will help us raise the funds to ensure we can continue taking care of the 36 chimpanzees in our care, and rescue any others that we might be able to help. It costs us $4,000 a year to take care of one chimpanzee, and visiting them is free - so we are grateful for any amount we are lucky enough to receive.