Our Impact

Ol Pejeta, a 90,000 acre conservancy between Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare mountain range, is home to many thousands of wild creatures, who all seek sanctuary within its well protected borders. Living and working alongside us are hundreds of families, with whom we enjoy the privilege of a mutually beneficial relationship.

For years, we have been perfecting the conservation model that has brought us recognition in awards, grants and international coverage in the media. We are proud of what we do, and confident that we know exactly how to make every donor cent count when it comes to helping the people and wildlife we are so passionate about.

Our reach is wide and varied. We employ armed rangers who protect endangered species from ruthless poachers, we provide rescued chimpanzees with a second chance at life, we collar lions to understand how best to make space for them amidst shrinking habitats. We offer over 70 scholarships a year to deserving children, we teach farmers how to grow food sustainably while connecting them to markets, we conduct medical clinics to marginalised communities who desperately need care.

Your donation, no matter the size, will have a genuine impact in this small corner of the world.


Whether you donate towards a specific initiative, or make a general donation, whether you donate US$ 5 or US$ 500, we will ensure that it supports where the need is greatest. We are grateful for your generosity. Give someone the gift of a happy conscience by donating in their name, or set up a monthly donation subscription - even just the cost of one fancy coffee a month will allow us to spread our reach and make it count.