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I need your help to get the black rhino off the critically endangered list!

Dear Friends and Family,

I was fortunate enough with the opportunity to visit the Ol Pejeta Conservancy where I met Baraka the Blind Black Rhino as well as Fatu and Najin (the last 2 northern white rhinos ON THE PLANET). I need your help so that we avert the looming extinction of this ancient species. A friend of mine  - Elodie - at Ol Pejeta put it in perspective - these creatures were here during the dinosaur era - they made it this far and we cannot let them disappear now... 

Why the Black Rhino?

The black rhino is a critically endangered species. Across Africa, rhinos have suffered a catastrophic decline due to poaching for their horns and loss of their natural habitats. Poaching of the black rhino led to a devastating 98% population decline between 1960 and 1990. In 1993, there were estimated to be just 2,300 black rhinos living in the wild. There is some good news however – because of organizations such as Ol Pejeta, black rhino populations have risen to over 5,000 today (still some ways to go though considering they were over 100,000 at the beginning of the last century). We believe that the black rhino has a fighting chance to see these numbers even triple over the next decade however it will take some work and commitment from all of us.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated  - together we can do better.

Warm regards,


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